About Me

Me as a person...
My name is Zoe and i'm 27 years old. I currently live near Cambridge in the UK. I have been reading books for as long as I can remember. My mother tells me stories of how, when I was younger, she'd come into my room to switch off my bedside lamp and find a book spread out over my face and she would lift it up to find me fast aseep underneath it. 
Throughout school my love for books continued to grow as I quickly ploughed through my reading levels, soon fnding myself on proper children's books, not The Magic Key like everybody else. 
Even into secondry school reading became a huge part of my life with all the studying obviously, but in English lesson we had quiet reading time in that too.

As I hit my adult years I could never seem to get into adult books and was concerned, as I mainly liked to read kids and young adults books...That's when I discovered Youtube and found I was not alone.
The origin of TheBookKitty...
The origin of TheBookKitty began when I saw all the amazing people on Youtube share their love for books, and I wanted to do the same. 
I love books and I love my kitty, Angel and before you know it voila TheBookKitty was born.
Me and Youtube...
Youtube YoutubeYoutube....
I have to say, I don't really recall how I started off on Youtube that well, but now it's a daily part of my life. I feel so connected to everybody in our book community and it feels like one big happy family.
I guess it all started off with Laura, over at beautyisntskindeep. I "accidentaly stumbled upon one of her library haul videos one day and instantly felt like i'd know her my whole life. She had the same passion for books as I did, and I thought I'd never find anybody like that. I quickly hit the subscribe button. I wanted to keep up to date with what books she got and the way she introduces them to you makes you instantly want to read it. I am still subscribed to Laura now (although her new channel is bookishxbelle) and everytime she uploads a new video I give out a squee and watch it straight away. 
After a while curosity got the better of me and I wanted to find if there were other people like this on Youtube, and that's when I found yafictionfreaks and fell in love with everybody. They make reading fun and their enthusiasm rubs off on you. When Jessica left and made her own channel, chapterchicks with sister Stacy, I subscribed to them too.They are two of the loveliest ladies you could meet. They bring adventure to their channel. They like to explore different things to do with books that makes it a learning experience also.
Now I am subscribed to nearly 50 people and find myself making new friends by the day. Here are a few other people that have made my youtube experience so far....a memorable and magical one:
grazingpages (fellow UK dweller :D)
They are to name but a few of our amazing book community and I love you all   xxx
What I like to read...
As mentioned before, I used to find it hard to get into adult books and where my main love for books stays with YA I pretty much delve into anything these days. I also enjoy non-fiction also.
My main area of interest in the YA category is anything supernatural. I.E. Vampires, werewolves, fairies, merepeople, dragons you name it. 
As I've been reading more and more, I have now got into dystopian novels as well as romance, and I always love a good horror.
If you are a publisher/author and you would like me to read your work for reviewing please email me at TheBookKitty@yahoo.co.uk
For other fellow bloggers/vloggers if you would like the opportunity to speak to me in person via webcam you can do so. I am a msn member so feel free to add me. My username is princessangel64. Make sure to drop me a note in the comments section so I know who I'm adding, and I look foward to speaking with you all soon. 

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