Saturday, 24 March 2012

April Review Book #1

Felinian by M. Clifford

Published: 10th September 2011
Pages: 454
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The next book in the series Fertile Crescent...Coming Soon!
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Katherine Luna lives in Sleepy Hollow. And she is upset with her life. She is being forced to go to a different high school than all her friends, the creepy cat lady who lives in her neighborhood is getting stranger each day and she has just been humiliated at a senior party on Halloween in the worst way possible for a teenage girl. As her body suddenly begins to change in the most unexpected way, forcing all the boys to fawn over her, she is confronted with the realization that she can communicate with cats and that a mysterious man is following her.
All starts to make sense when she learns she has become a Felinian and that she has been quickly gifted with the fabled nine-lives of a cat, tied somehow with Ancient Egyptian lore, and empowered with the ability to control the passions and minds of men. As Katherine fights her lustful, Felinian nature, attempting to stop herself from stalking the boys of her school, the man stalking her begins to reveal his purpose.
With the help of her neighborhood friend Hector, a boy that seems more connected to this haunted world than he lets on, Katherine tries to manage her new life and struggles to strike a balance between monster and girl, all the while hoping and wondering, will she ever be a regular girl again?

I will be reviewing this book in April as soon as I receive it. It's my first review book from an Author and will always hold a special place in my heart. I was so thrilled to be entrusted with the review of this book and I can't wait to sink my claws into it. M. Clifford has also agreed to do an Author Interview with me. This will be posted hopefully soon after my review of Felinian, so watch this space!

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