Saturday, 24 March 2012


Hello everyone.

To those of you reading this that, like me, live in England I hope you are enjoying this glorious sunshine and making the most of it. Lets hope that it lasts. The garden is a amazing place to relax and grab your favourite read. Whether your sunbathing at the same time, or sitting in the shade listening to the twittering of the birds - it just makes me happy to be an avid reader.

I thought I would give you a current update of what's been going on in my world of books. I am currently reading Red Riding Hood, about 60 pages in and really liking it so far. It's full of intrigue and suspense, just hoping the film won't let it down when I get around to watching it. I haven't posted for a few days as I have been contacting authors and they have been contacting me, which is fab!! During April I now have three review books which I will be reading, and the reviews for those will all be on the blog in early May, as this is when they are released. I will write a post about each book so you can get a feel for what to expect. Also I will be contacting the authors after reading their books for Author Interviews, so be sure you don't miss those! They will also be posted on my blog in May.

During the month of May I have a few books that I own that I'm really excited to get to, but I also have a couple of review books I'm intrigued in and hoping to get selected to read...Wish me luck!
As soon as I have sorted my choices for May I will pop a post about it under the What's Happening Next Month tab so be sure to keep checking that for my update.

Ok, after I have written about these fantastic books I get the pleasure of reviewing in April, I am going to go and bury my head back into Red Riding Hood. Have a fantastic rest of your weekend and as always...Happy Reading!


  1. Loving the the sun here in the UK - hope it stays for a while.

  2. Definitely. Lets hope it hasn't peeked too soon, I want it to last :D