Sunday, 11 March 2012

Gifted ~ Out of Sight Out of Mind by Marilyn Kaye

Released: 2nd February 2009
Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books
Age Group: YA
Genre: Ghosts
Pages: 240
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Website including other books: Gifted Series

Amanda Beeson, Queen of Mean has everything. Nice house, the latest fashion and is part of a popular clique. Together with her friends Amanda likes to pick on Tracey Devon, nerd, unpopular and might as well be invisible. Amanda doesn't understand what it like to be Tracey until one morning she waked up and finds herself in Tracey's body. Amanda soon realizes not only is Tracey ignored at school but she's also ignored at home. But that was always the case. As she reads a few pages from Tracey's diary she discovers that she used to be the apple of her parents eye, and used to have friends. That changed when her parents had septuplets. Seven identical baby girls who needed lots of attention, pushing Tracey out of the frame. Amanda knew that Tracey attended a "Gifted" class at Meadowbrook Middle School, but its not until she lives Tracey's life she discovers just how gifted Tracey is. She has the ability to become invisible, so Amanda realizes if she ever wants to get her body back she has to make Tracey seen and heard.

A very good book that kept me guessing from beginning to end. I will be borrowing the future books and adding them to my shelf. Well worth the read and especially if your looking for a quick read as this only took me half a day to complete.
I have rated this book 3 out of 5

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