Sunday, 11 March 2012

Ghost Girl by Tonya Hurley

Released: 3rd September 2009
Publisher: Headline
Age Group: Middle Grade - YA
Genre: YA
Pages: 336
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Ghostgirl is about a high-school student named Charlotte Usher. She may as well be dead, as she is a nobody at school. She is dying to be popular and will do whatever it takes to get with Damen Dylen, the object of her desires. It just so happens he is going out with Petula, the most popular girl in school. During her first day back at Hawthorne High, she is left out when choosing Physics partners, that is until Damen Dylan walks in late and is assigned her partner by their teacher. Charlotte sees this as a great start to the new semester and calls it "fate". Damen is failing Physics, but with a little tutoring from Charlotte (unbeknown) to Petula he feels his grades could improve. As the lesson ends and they walk out of the classroom, Damen tries to mouth to Charlotte to tutor him and as she's about to reply she pops a Gummy bear into her mouth and starts to choke. Petula (not knowing this) slams the door in Charlotte's face causing her to walk into it and lodge the Gummy bear further into her airway. She tries to give herself the Heimlich, but fails. The classroom is empty and Charlotte chokes to death, literally.
She comes back as a ghost, who still has to attend classes in Hawthorn but in room 1313 and by a teacher called Brain. All of the students there are ghosts and have been given nicknames according to the way they died. They can see the "live" students but the live students can't see them. Apart from one: Scarlet, Petula's sister. In the lessons Charlotte has to learn how to move on and discover what her unfinished business is, which she believes to be Damen, but she later discovers its actually to be herself and to accept herself for who she is.
(There is a lot of information that I have not included as I don't want to spoil it too much for you)

A very funny, touching story with hidden meaning and teachings. Popularity isn't everything.
I have rated this book 4 out of 5

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