Friday, 8 February 2013

Review #7 Rapunzel Untangled By Cindy C Bennett

Released: 13th February 2013
Publisher: Sweetwater Books
Age Group: YA
Genre: Fantasy/Fairytale
Pages: 304
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Fab Fane Fannigan: Are you saying you live at GOTHEL MANSION??? The Gothel Mansion?
RG: My mother calls it Gothel Manor,so maybe that's different?
Fab Fane Fannigan: No, Rapunzel, there is only one that I know of. It has to be the same. Are you telling me the truth here?
RG: Yes, of course. Is it weird that I live here?
Fab Fane Fannigan: No, not weird, just...never mind. So you live in the tower?
RG: Uh, the tower? I don't know. Is it a tower?
Fab Fane Fannigan: Yes, It is. I know where it is. I'll be there Friday at 8

Rapunzel sensed the difference in his tone. Something wasn't right.

Fab Fane Fannigan: Rapunzel, promise me one thing.
RG: Okay.
Fab Fane Fannigan: Don't Google your house.

Rapunzel is not your average teenager. For one thing, she has a serious illness that keeps her inside the mysterious Gothel Mansion. And for another, her hair is 15 feet long. Not to mention that she's also the key to ultimately saving the world from certain destruction.

But then she meets a boy named Fane, who changes all she's ever known, and she decides to risk everything familiar to find out who she really is.

Filled with romance, adventure and mystery, Rapunzel Untangled is one story you won't want to put down. Discover the true meaning of love and friendship in this modern twist to the classic fairytale.

I received this book as an ARC on my Kindle from NetGalley. After reading the synopsis of the book I was immediately drawn into the plot and requested to read it. When I got my confirmation I was thrilled. 
I jumped straight into this book with no knowledge or understanding of Rapunzel whatsoever. I had never read or heard the story of Rapunzel as a child so this was a brand new world for me. The only thing I knew of the original fairytale was Rapunzel was trapped in a tower and had very long, golden hair...that was it.

I LOVED this book. From the very first page it pulled my attention and captured my imagination drawing me into the world the author Cindy Bennett had created. Her characters were relate-able, and as soon as I read about Fane, I found myself with a little crush. He seemed the perfect guy you would want as a friend and maybe more...

The use of the modern world was handled brilliantly and make the story lighthearted and funny, but with some dark undertones further into the book where we start to learn more about Gothel Mansion and the twisted-ness of Gothel herself. A villain you can really learn to loathe.

I really hope Cindy Bennett creates more modern fairytale retelling's as this one was amazing. I could not put it down. When I did I felt compelled to pick it straight back up again.

This book is released on the 13th February 2013, go out and pick up a copy for yourself or even better pre-order it on Amazon and get it delivered to your door on launch day (see link above). You won't be disappointed.

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.. Absolutely Brilliant!

One last comment...Film companies, if you are reading this snap it up! I want to see this made into a film.

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