Thursday, 12 December 2013

Books I'm getting for Christmas...

It is that time of the year again, Christmas is making another appearance!

The winters months, for me, are the best times to read books. Curled up in a chair by a roaring fire, relaxing and unwinding in a long hot bath or snuggled up in bed with your cat purring in your ear. There is nothing like a good read to take your mind off all the Christmas shopping you have to do, or arranging how the actual day itself will plan out. One thing I do know though is: I always get at least 1 book for Christmas, and who doesn't love free books?

This year I am getting 3 books from my parents (I know I've got them, I put them in the basket at the supermarket lol)
I am also getting book vouchers..yaaaay!

The books that I have chosen for Christmas are...

The 3rd installment in the Bridget Jones Series..
I haven't actually read the first two, but I'm assuming (and hoping) that like the other two books this too will be turned into a film and cannot wait to see what it's about so am going to throw myself into the book. A nice light and fluffy read, and time to catch up on Bridget, Mr Darcy and my fave Daniel (scumbag but devilishly handsome) Cleaver!

My Story the Autobiography of Pasha Kovalev, best know for being a pro dancer on Strictly Come Dancing.
I have had the pleasure of seeing Mr Handsome himself on 3 occasions now, two of which I got to meet and greet, and get the programs and merchandise signed (YAAAAAAY!)
So when I found out Pasha had released a book it was a must have!
I am hoping to see Pasha with his former Strictly partner Katya Virshilas (lovely lady) again in 2014 and hopefully he will kindly sign my book for me :D

As a fan of the TV show Mrs Brown's Boys, I knew I had to have this when it came out. I saw it in a supermarket and then again in my local bookstore and couldn't help but flick through some of the pages and chuckle to myself.
Can't wait to get this on Christmas Day as I don't think it's going to take me long to read it, a book with lots of laughs!

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