Thursday, 12 December 2013

Review #8 Season of Second Chances by Brighton Walsh

Released: 5th December 2013
Publisher: Carina Press
Age Group: New Adult/Adult Fiction
Pages: 74
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When a storm strands Claire Hanlin in Chicago on Christmas Eve, the last person she expects to come to her rescue is Logan Dawes, the man she almost married two years ago. The chemistry between them is dangerously potent, but with nowhere else to go, Claire accepts Logan's offer to stay with him for the night.

Back in the home they shared, surrounded by reminders of Logan and his young daughter, Claire begins to realize how much she misses the family she almost had. After a few cups of Christmas cheer, she falls right back into her ex's arms—even though she knows it means setting herself up for heartbreak all over again.

The magic of the season has thrown him together with the woman he's never stopped loving, and Logan's not about to pass up this gift. He's not the workaholic he was two years ago—his family comes first. Now all he has to do is prove it to Claire, before the snow stops and she flies out of his life for good.



I received this book as an advanced E-Copy Via net galley early December, and with it coming out on the 5th, had to jump straight into it. I didn't really know what to expect as Net Galley marked this book in the "New Adult" genre, and after doing a little research on this new genre I discovered "New Adults" is aimed at 18-25 year olds. (Later I went on to contact the Author via Facebook to see if this is being published in a physical copy and was informed it's not actually "New Adult")

I began to read the book and started learning about the two main protagonists, Logan and Claire and their troubled past. As I kept reading the book jumped from world building and character development to rather raunchy scenes, and thinking back to the age bracket (although I am not a mother) thought I wouldn't want my eighteen year old reading this material...I however (at age 27) was enjoying it. I did have a little bit of negative criticism but hate that word and would rather class is as "constructive" from a reader's POV.
As the book is only 74 pages long I can't give a full review and go into too much detail without giving away the whole plot...and that is one of my criticisms.

This book/novella needs to be taken back to the bare bones, stripped and made into a full blown novel. It has the beginnings of something rather fabulous but as a reader I always wanted more. I wanted more in depth knowledge about the characters, not just the main ones, but even about Sophie, Logan's daughter. I wanted to learn more about their past, not just why they broke up, and I wanted their rekindle romance to move at a slower felt a little rushed.

That aside, this book had me hot under the collar at times and it's just as well I don't have a physical copy of it as it would have pink pages rather than white, because of all the highlighting I did of favourite parts. I breezed through 9 chapters in an hour and the book only has 13, so if your looking for a quick and easy read on a cold winter's night I would recommend this book. Pick it up and it will soon have you reaching for some ice to cool you down.

I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars...Smokin Hawt!

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