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Review #6 Red Riding Hood by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright

Released: 18th February 2011
Publisher: Atom
Age Group: YA
Genre: Fantasy/Fairytale
Pages: 352
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For the start of my review I like to put the synopsis of the book here, to give the reader a teaser insight as to what they will be reading. I went into this book without reading the synopsis because I bought it for my Ereader, and I'm glad I didn't read it as it gives away too many spoilers. And me, not wanting to spoil you, have left the synopsis out of my review. One thing I have included though is the bonus chapter the author leave you gagging for at the end of the book. It says to go to a website for the final chapter, but after visiting it, and to my great dismay, finding the link doesn't work I thoroughly searched Google and managed to find a PDF link of that final chapter.

As I already said I had gone into this story with an open mind, I had heard so many negative reviews on Youtube, but was desperate to see the film. And as always with me I refuse to watch the film until I have read the book. I was thrilled with the book from beginning to ending and the way in which Sarah Blakley-Cartwright wrote the book was fabulous. I love the fact she stuck to the main fairytale concept but added her own modern twist to the book. I was never a great fan of fairy-tales but knew all the stories. Lets just say they don't seem so dull now. She kept me guessing to the very end about the cliffhanger, she left me wanting to see more action halfway through the book between two of the main characters, and then after the bonus chapter left me wishing there was a second book as a follow-up.

After reading so many books that scored three stars out of five, and for me is an "average" read I was so pleased to having something that drew me in and kept me guessing. That for me is the best thing that can happen in books, not knowing what is coming next. It keeps me excited and intrigued. Unfortunately very few books are unable to do that in today's market but this was not one of them!

About the bonus chapter... I'd also heard many bad things about this bonus chapter, which I didn't realize was missing until the very end of the book. They were complaining on how the bonus chapter was "rushed" and "didn't tie in with the rest of the book." For me this wasn't the case at all. I was definately surprised at the outcome but as Sarah was explaining it through the words of the story I thought back through the book and found it tied up all the loose ends and explained everything well. The only downside is it leaves you wanting more, she leaves it open for a second book but sadly one hasn't been developed yet :(

I have awarded this book 4 stars out of 5 - Fantastic mystery & plot ~ Can't wait to watch the film!

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